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Exciting news! This year’s Summer of Rum Festival will be using NEW RFID-enabled wristbands and cashless payment technology to enhance your festival-going experience!


Your personalized festival wristband is your ticket to get into the Rum Festival faster and will also be used to make purchases at the festival – all with a simple tap of your wristband!


This means you don’t have to worry about walking around the festival with your wallet or fumbling for change; instead, enjoy fast, convenient and secure transactions at all food vendors, beer gardens, and merchandise tents on-site using your high-tech, RFID-enabled wristband. 

Here's how: 

1. Buy Your Tickets 

2. Trade your tickets for wristbands at either any one of our prefestival pickup events OR at the door. 


3. Then go to to link your wristbands to your credit card.  THATS IT! 


4. If you want to use cash, you would have to load your cash at the event... we highly encourage you to use your credit card instead. 

5.  Leftover funds can be refunded ONLY at the event, with no fees! 


Ready to experience the RFID Revolution? 

RFID Advantage:

  • No more waiting in line to "topup" or buy drink tickets

  • No more Refund Fees 

  • Connect your wristband to your credit card

  • Receipts emailed to you for EVERY Transaction

  • Connect multiple wristbands to one card 

  • Any cash balances can be refunded at the day of the event with no fees! 

Pre-Festival RFID Pickup: 

  • 8/29/2019 - Barrymore Hotel- The Continental Restaurant Tampa 

    • 5pm to 8pm ​

  • 8/30/2019 - Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park (at the park entrance on N. Blvd/W. Cypress St.)

    • 4pm to 7pm ​​

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